CTO aims at efficiently making an active scientific contribution to the progress of cancer treatment by participating in clinical studies.
Efficiency means delivering correct, punctual, well-organised, complete and structured work.

CTO uses outlined and contextualised procedures and the best possible technical resources for organisation and execution. Financial possibilities are also taken into account.

CTO wants to produce objective, trustworthy and correct data within set deadlines. During the data acquisition CTO will work explicitly patient-oriented within the study protocol framework, with special attention to the patient's safety. Within this framework, CTO has its own queuing system.

CTO aims at ensuring the best possible cooperation with internal and external clients and, where possible, tries to harmonise client, patient and assistant’s satisfaction.  

CTO respects professional confidentiality, the confidential nature of study files and the patient's privacy.

CTO shows a strong commitment to open communication with client, patients and doctors. CTO will use dialogue as an important form of internal communication.

CTO works professionally and wants to hold a competitive position, nationally as well as internationally.

CTO considers that quality is of paramount importance and applies the necessary systems for constant monitoring and adjustment.  These quality systems are developed in accordance with the current legislation and consistent with the GCP guidelines.

CTO guarantees the permanent training of the Oncology Centre's doctors and assistants.