Practical info


Participation in a clinical trial does not mean your treatment will be for free or less expensive  compared with standard treatment.  Before starting the clinical trial you will receive extensive information about what examinations will be at your own cost and what will be paid for by  the sponsor/initiator of the trial.   These financial agreements will be put on paper and given to you. 


Sometimes restrictions can be imposed during a clinical trial like restrictions concerning food.   The doctor and study staff will give you the information needed.

Who can you contact?

Patients interested in more information about ongoing or near future studies should contact CTO by phone or email.  One of the staff members will put you trough with a physician – researcher.  You can book an appointment with him/her without any obligations. 

If you have questions throughout the course of a clinical study, you should address the study coordinator.  You will receive his/her contact info at the beginning of the study.  If necessary, he/she will contact a study physician.