Informed consent

First, your doctor will provide you with oral as well as written information on the study that you might be participating in. 

This information contains:

  • information on the study product (medication)
  • goal and course of the study
  • expected advantages of the product
  • complaints/adverse events that might occur
  • financial information
  • rights and responsibilities of participants
  • information about insurance
  • information about privacy

If you decide to participate after having received this information, you will be asked to sign the informed consent form. The content of this document is subject to approval from the ethics committee.

By signing this document, you confirm you received the information needed and it is clear to you that your decision to participate was made on a voluntary basis.  The doctor that gives you the information also signs the form.   

This informed consent form is not a mandatory contract. You are free to end your participation in the study at any time.  Please make sure to tell your doctor about your decision.