Submitting a new study (feasibility)

Every new study request should be submitted to the following email address: beleidscommissie.cto(at) (medical head department Cancer Research, coordinator department Cancer Research and chairman of the policy committee).

Therefor the following documents are needed:

  1. Synopsis and/or study protocol
  2. Investigators brochure (optionally)
  3. Informed consent form (optionally
  4. Financial plan (optionally)

Subsequently, this request is put on the agenda and reviewed at the policy committee of CTO. This committee consisting of physician-researchers of the Oncology Centre and the coordinator department Cancer Research, meets  on a regular basis.  Using a set of fixed criteria they decide whether or not to participate in a study. This committee also appoints the research team and the principle investigator.
All members of the committee have to sign a confidentiality agreement.

It is important that requests for new studies should always be submitted to the policy committee first, prior to any further steps or submission to the ethics committee.