CT0 unit is in a restricted area of the oncology centre.  It is equipped with:

  • a   secured working area for CTO staff
  • an exclusive lab unit equipped with all facilities for biosampling
  • two monitor areas equipped with all necessary IT-facilities
  • one restricted area for storage of lab material
  • one restricted area for storage of source data
  • a cryo area (- 80°C/ -112°F, -20°C/-4°F, 2-8°C/ 35 - 46°F) equipped with continuous monitoring of temperature, 24 hour alarm, back-up and on-call duty 
  • an allocated conference room.

Concerning patient care, CTO has an allocated patient room and three phase I patient rooms, located at nursing unit 11.  They are equipped with all necessary facilities. There is an intense cooperation with the outpatient clinics for oncology and clinical wards. Similarly, the expertise and the facilities available in the hospital are at our disposal.